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MAC owner, Dan Stulberg, poses with players, coaches, and fans following the final MAC YBL game after 17 seasons.  Besides officiating, Dan's duties included scheduling, building supervision, hiring of officials, mopping floors between games, cleaning, filling in at the admissions/concessions table, settling disputes, paying bills, opening and closing....

[The Coldwater, Marshall, and Battle Creek Recreation Centers have expressed an interest in hosting the Youth League that was previously run here at the M.A.C.  Contact those offices if you have a youth team seeking a league.]

Dear Coaches, Referees, Parents, and Players:
     I write this final email of the season for a couple reasons.  First to thank each of you for your participation in our Youth Basketball League and for everything that you did to provide your kids with a very positive experience of playing team sports. 
     Certainly organized youth sports competition has it's share of unfortunate negative experiences ranging from outrageous parent behavior in the stands to overzealous coaches who think it's more about them than the kids, but in my 17 years of hosting a youth basketball league at the MAC, I've seen hardly any of that from our parents or coaches. 
     What I've seen for the most part is loving parents who support their kids and enjoy watching them learn, develop, grow, and compete with their classmates and friends.  And I see coaches who donate a great deal of their time to provide a positive learning experience for the players.  Nearly all of them demonstrate encouragement, patience, and support for their players as they attempt to improve their skills and knowledge of the great game of basketball.  
     Not all of the coaches have the background or coaching experience that they wish they had, but many have stepped up to fill a void that otherwise would've meant the players wouldn't have the opportunity to participate.  To those coaches I give a special tip of my hat. 
     I'd also like to extend my sincere thanks and compliments to the many fine officials who have loyally worked our games year after year for what I think they all will agree was very modest pay.  It is common nature to complain about the officiating, and it's an extremely difficult job to do well, but over the years I've received consistent praise for the overall quality of our league's referees and a great appreciation for the caring and teaching manner in which they officiate the games.  I'm very grateful for the devoted and quality service that virtually all of them gave to the MAC league.

     Hosting the MAC Youth Basketball League over the years has never been easy, or without it's headaches.  I will not miss the challenges and countless hours of trying to put together the schedule, the hassle of policing the crowded building, or the "pleasant task" of cleaning up after a 20-game day that had close to a thousand people through the building; nor will I miss hearing an occasional parent fan yell at me (while I was refereeing) for not calling traveling on a 3rd grader who took a step in the back court before beginning his dribble. 
     What I will miss is hearing the stands erupt in elation when their kids' team pulls out an exciting 1-point win at the buzzer, or watching the expression of a novice 3rd or 4th grader make their first basket (as well as the parents' reaction from the stands), or watching the players celebrate a close win, or the coaches and parents comfort and encourage their kids when they lose a hard fought game. 
     We often hear about the negatives of organized youth sports, however there are many, many positive experiences and lessons to be learned from them as well, and I'm proud to say that I think the MAC league over the years has fostered and witnessed far, far more positives than negatives.

     Many of you have probably already heard that the MAC will no longer be hosting a youth basketball league.  That is true.  I've been approached by some people who believe the MAC could be a terrific location for a country dance establishment and after much research and deliberation, our family has made the decision to give this a try.  We hope to open the new venture, to be called Backroads Saloon, later this spring.  It will serve food and drink, and provide a fun form of dance recreation to hundreds of people each week.  I hope many of you will stop in to check it out with friends and family.  I think it will be a nice addition to our region.

     For those who are still interested in participating in this type of youth basketball league, don't despair.  I know that both the Marshall and Coldwater City Rec departments are interested in picking up the slack and continuing the tradition of this experience, and I've also recently heard from the Battle Creek Rec office.  I am passing on your contact information to their departments and I'm sure they will be contacting you next fall to alert you of their programs.

     So thank you coaches, referees, parents, and above all, the kids who were always chomping at the bit each week as I unlocked the doors, and would bound into the MAC gym with great enthusiasm and love for the game. I wish you all good luck, good times, and good lessons as you continue to work at and enjoy team sports.  I hope our paths will continue to cross in the many years to come.


   Dan (Stulberg)
   MAC YBL Founder/Director

P.S.  I'd also like to thank all the people who helped staff the building over the seasons, including my loving wife in the early years, the young men and women who have worked the admissions table and helped clean up afterwards, past managers Rodney Church and Jimmy Biggs, long-time official and this year's assigner of officials, Mike Rop. and a special thank you to colleague and friend, Ron Holcomb, who took on the added responsibilities of managing the games and building these past two seasons while I enjoyed my first two extended winter vacations.  I am grateful and indebted to you all. 


Check here for Schedule or Cancellation notices.

If games are being canceled due to weather, a message
will appear below this line next to "Announcements:"

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Today's (Sat.-Jan 25th, 2014) games are canceled due to inclement weather and hazardous driving conditions. You will be notified if rescheduled. Thank you.
At this time, Sunday games have NOT been canceled.  Check here tomorrow (1/26) morning if conditions have not improved.

CO.6G HO.6G 1:00
CO.5G HC.6G 2:00
MA.3B.jz    AL.3B 3:00
UC.7B SJ.7B 4:00

Wk.2- Jan.18 & 19




9:00   LA.4B    AT.4B 8:30
10:00    AT.3B MA.5B.nw MA.5B.nd 9:30
11:00 CO.4G  AT.3/4G HO.6G CO.5G 10:30
12:00 MA.3B.jz    CO.3B HC.6G CO.6G 11:30
1:00 HO.3B    HC.3B SJ5B   HC5B 12:30
2:00 LA.4B    HC.4B QU.5B HO.5B 1:30
3:00 UC.7B    HC.7B SJ.5B CO.6B 2:30
4:00 AT.6G  LA.5G.db AL.5/6B 3:30
5:00 SJ.7B    QU.7B AL.6/5B MA.7B 4:30
HC.3B AT.3B 1:00
HC.4B AT.4B 2:00
HC.5B 3:00
UC.6B 4:00


Wk.1 - Jan.11 & 12  

9:00 LA.4B HC.3B 8:30
10:00 MA.5B.nd SJ.5B AT.3/4G MA.3/4G 9:30
11:00 HC.6G CO.3B AT.3B 10:30
12:00 LA.5G.db HO.6G HC.4B AT.4B 11:30
1:00 CO.5G AT.6G MA.3/4G CO.4G 12:30
2:00 CO.6G LA.6G HC.5B 1:30
3:00 AL.5/6B CO.6B HO.5B 2:30
4:00 SJ.7B AL.6/5B UC.7B QU.7B 3:30
5:00 MA.7B HC.7B UC.6B 4:30
1:30 MA3B.jz HO3B  Auction (8a-1p)   LA.4B 2:30
MA5B.nw   QU.5B   3:30



Registration has begun for the 17th
MAC Youth Basketball League season




About the league

The MAC YBL is a youth basketball league for girls & boys.  We offer leagues for girls and boys in grades 3rd through 6th.  We will offer leagues for 7th & 8th grade boys and girls if enough interest exists.

All games are played at our 2-court facility.  We will play Saturdays from 8:30am-5:00pm and Sundays from 1pm-5pm. Some games may be played Tue or Thu at 5:45 & 6:45pm.  

Teams are to represent their school district, though in rare instances we allow the addition of 1 or 2 players from other districts.  We seek to have a division for each grade and prefer not to mix a team with players from two grades, but our main goal is to have competitive play.  We record scores, but we do not keep standings or award trophies.  If one team is much stronger (or weaker) than others in its grade, we may schedule them to play a few games against older (or younger) teams.  We hope to keep the “blow-out” match-ups to a minimum, which is why we ask coaches to give an honest assessment of their team’s ability when submitting rosters. 

       A few particulars:

1)      Our season runs for 7 games and will begin the weekend of Jan.11 and finish 2/23, using the first weekend in March for make-up games due to weather cancellations.

2)      Team fees for the 7-game schedule are $340, which includes referees.  No insurance policy is provided through the leagueA $50 non-refundable deposit is due 11/22 to guarantee a spot in our league.  The balance is due (with roster) by 12/07. 

Each team must provide a table worker (timer or scorer).  

Admissions are $3 for adults, $2 for children/students.  Players are free (for their game) as is the head coach and 1 asst. coach OR table worker (NOT all 3).

5)      We’d like rosters to have at least 9 players.  There is no maximum, but it’s hard to keep everyone happy if you have more than 11 or 12.  We have no substitution requirements.

6)      We use 2 referees and nearly all are registered; most have 10+yrs of experience. 

Any coach or player who is ejected (automatic on 2nd technical) may not be on the bench for the next game and may be suspended for the season.

We try to work with your schedule issues when possible, but please do not enter tournaments that may cause you to cancel a league game

**ABOVE ALL, we stress and demand good sportsmanship from players, coaches, and fans.  Coaches are the key to controlling both their players’ attitudes and their fans’.  If you cannot maintain a positive attitude, even when calls may go against you, please don’t bring your team to this league.  We emphasize learning, experience, and fun.  Please pass this on to your players and parents in handouts or meetings.

Call or Email Dan with any questions you may have or to receive a Roster and Scheduling Preference form: (269) 781-7091 /

Make checks out to:
Marshall Activity Center
or M.A.C.
Mail to:  Dan Stulberg, 508 Orchard Road, Marshall, MI 49068-8210

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